Favorites Disposable Watermelon Lime Mojito

(12 customer reviews)

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THC: %97

Net weight: 2000MG

Profile: sativa Liquid Diamond

Terpenes; Limonene

12 reviews for Favorites Disposable Watermelon Lime Mojito

  1. Deguy

    This is a nice flavor! for byfavorites You can taste the sweet sweet citrus flavor of pineapple. Good potent THC!

  2. cannacocoa

    I think after 5 years of smoking almost every day several times a day, I’ve developed a pretty high tolerance. The first and only puff I drew from this pod sent me into painless bliss. There’s no going back to js after this

  3. KAMIone

    This Watermelon Lime Mojito is perfect for a mood elevation as well as keeping my mind focused and steady. I was having a stressful day at work so I went to pick up this Sativa on my lunch break and took a few hits and was feeling much better. The flavor is nice skunky with a subtle hint of orange Its really pleasant. The high from this pod is very cerebral and uplifting will put you in a better mood and ease off any stress you may have. I don’t always smoke sativas but whenever I need a pick-me-up I will make sure to grab this pod again. Favorites carts

  4. J4de03

    If your prefer a sativa dominant high this should be your go to !!! I’ve tried almost every flavor and I have to say Watermelon Lime Mojito and Pineapple Express are my favorite!!!!

  5. eaj537

    It was really good! Great for depression and anxiety! it will get you in a great mood! It makes me super talkative and happy for the first half of the high. for the second half I feel peaceful and sleepy. However I took too much when i first used it and i got open eye visuals and couldn’t go 2 sleep till 6am lmao! Btw I have a low tolerance “)

  6. SunflowerBomb

    I wanted a new sativa and I got to try this out. I really like the effects I feel awake and active. Productive and positive. It’s like a little Red Bull of energy.

  7. CannabisAppreciator

    I definitely felt a dryness in my eyes whenever I smoked, but it was very euphoric compared to other sativas that usually function as an energy boost with a buzz. I personally think this is more for sativa appreciators than those using sativa functionally.

  8. Heather

    So far best Favorites Disposable experience both with flavor and potency. I never really liked too much flavor when vaping ,this one is perfect ,still reminds you you’re vaping weedjuice not ejuice.

  9. Joan

    Watermelon Lime Mojito is the best Favorites Disposable I’ve had yet. I think I like this one more than blue dream. Super lit

  10. Jasmine

    tastes more like a regular oil vape then fruity, so if you want something super tasty and flavorful dont get this flvor….. but personally I love it. great smoke helps my pain and mood

  11. Joanne

    Clean strain with citrus taste. Great for day and night use. This will not put you in a shlump it picks you up and gets you ready for anything.

  12. Katherine

    This one by far is the best sativa Favorites Disposable. best taste best feeling ev 🔥🤯💯❤️🤘

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