Favorites Disposable Dum Dums Hybrid

(17 customer reviews)

Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $20.00.

THC: %98

Net weight: 2000MG

Profile: Hybrid Liquid Diamond

Terpenes; Limonene


17 reviews for Favorites Disposable Dum Dums Hybrid

  1. Gurleyburger

    2nd time trying Dum Dums. This one is potent and hits hard.

  2. prettymouthy

    First time with this one- this is great while I taper off meds. It’s a 1-2 hitter / Couch sitter for sure.

  3. dankymc

    stay with them +there child proof

  4. karina

    Flavor is amazing!!! Gets me super high🔥🔥

  5. tonyc

    e always smooth with a great taste. 2-3 good clean hits and they get you high a’f. I’m faded rn

  6. Infantpi

    fire cartridge this is a good flavor

  7. wiz

    Pen is cool looking and cartridge hits niggas be saying it like 3 or 4 puffs like tf how y’all got some bigass lungs or feigns

  8. bigdabber

    Always hits right when you have a real one

  9. magaraisasiyanal

    good and potent just like I want and neeeeed. Good stuff this

  10. Bheshitahadid

    One of the main disposable I hit! Good value and the price is fair for it’s effect on mood!

  11. elimshen

    One of their best strains available

  12. calikush

    this pens is straight fugeo

  13. davidbex

    Tasty and strong !

  14. emerson

    fruity flavors added. this and hardcore og are my fave carts so far.

  15. Matrex

    Taste is crisp, pretty potent. Great quality!

  16. Sympgodz

    Nice smooth hit that puts you to sleep after 2 hits 💯 definitely recommend

  17. bakednskated

    hit me perfect

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