Favorites Orange Creamsicle Indica

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This strain has a cheerful and uplifting impact that helps clear your thoughts. With a THC level of 19%, medicinal marijuana patients prefer Orange Creamsicle to alleviate persistent nausea and anxiety.

STRAIN Feelings:


Orange Creamsicle  flavors

orange, vanilla, citrus
Helps with:



THC: %90

Net weight: 2000MG

Profile: Indica Liquid Diamond

Terpenes; Limonene



They say variety represents the essence of life, and we agree!. That is why we are glad to provide a wide range of flavors and strains in our  disposables!

Enjoy Favorites Orange Creamsicle  like you’ve never before with our extremely potent  Liquid Diamond Vape Pen! This disposable vape pen contains 2g of liquid diamonds, which deliver the iconic Orange Creamsicle strain flavor and a strong cannabinoid combination.


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