Favorites Disposable Vanilla Taffy

(7 customer reviews)

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THC: %96

Net weight: 2000MG

Profile: sativa Liquid Diamond

Terpenes; Limonene

7 reviews for Favorites Disposable Vanilla Taffy

  1. Brown

    one of my favorite flavors . taste potent like orange but strong. seasoned stoners only. not 4 baby lungs

  2. Cameron

    I love how focused and uplifting this pen leaves me gives me the energy i need through out the day great to use during work or errands! 💕

  3. Bower

    Gives you a good high that keeps you still focused and able to do stuff and super relaxing conscious high

  4. Evalooshun

    My absolute favorite… I can take one small hit of this … the taste is AMAZING , and the high is perfect for what I need. it gets me focused and motivated to push through my work day and complete all my tasks..

  5. Bailey

    I love it and I’m so glad that me and my husband found it. It almost complete knocks out my anxiety and gets me focused to get through my day.

  6. Anderson

    Puuuuuuurrrrfecto!!! This one is a definite must in my personal favorites for sure.

  7. Iyo

    doesn’t really put you into a faded spaced out type of high, but still definitely has strong effects and hits quickly. A favorite!

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