Favorites Disposable Peaches And Cream

(9 customer reviews)

Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $20.00.

THC: %97

Net weight: 2000MG

Profile: sativa Liquid Diamond

Terpenes; Limonene

9 reviews for Favorites Disposable Peaches And Cream

  1. Anna

    Better than most of the other Favorites Disposable I tried

  2. Hamilton

    This is the fourth flavor I’ve tried definitely the best one so far!!! Shop here for good customer service and recommendations!!

  3. dank

    harsh strain on the throat. kind of peppery taste, but will get you super wired

  4. therealricky

    They burn fast but that’s ok it’ll be the best high you’ll get from a vape/cartridge etc

  5. Rutherford

    it’s the bomb from flavor terpene profile to effects and great high o highly recommend this pod especially for watching Netflix YouTube and relaxing in the couch doing absolutely nothing

  6. fred

    nice sour good high

  7. Dan

    love this be hitting

  8. Walker

    One of my favorite Favorites Disposable

  9. gongra

    If your looking for that citrus 🍊 flavor

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