Favorites Disposable Papaya Limeade

(30 customer reviews)

Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $20.00.

THC: %95

Net weight: 2000MG

Profile: sativa Liquid Diamond

Terpenes; Limonene

30 reviews for Favorites Disposable Papaya Limeade

  1. josstolan

    Where are these in San Diego?? Can’t find them

  2. wtop

    Tastes so good and hits pretty hard

  3. itsgreat

    Currently high on this. I really like how accurate the description is. When it melts to your body. For me it went down slowly to my legs. Pretty much feels like my legs are floating in some amazingass warm chill party air. Lol

  4. brainsalad

    I noticed how the pods draw smooth like billy corgans head that will surely make you want to play some smashing pumpkins on your guitar. Cool.

  5. alextinnagarsan

    the best-tasting strain I’ve ever had, gets ya high as a kite too

  6. Treeelo

    hands down one of the most dank disposables, taste and thc wise. feel the head change after a few pulls and is just overall a great pod for stress,anxiety, and pain with a nice lemony hint taste on the exhale to top it off. can’t go wrong with this pod if ur a hybrid lover

  7. TheRealAleJ

    The flavor on this one really surprised me – cookie funk with a lime undertone, seriously bomb. The effect is fantastic as well, 1 decent hit is all you really need.

  8. mandahar

    Wow this high hits fast after a few solid puffs. Has a lemony cookie taste that isn’t too bad either. Defintely my new go to

  9. LawrenceF

    Awsome in every way

  10. smokingjohnny

    rich concentrate
    the bubbles moves like molasses on a warm summers day. true quality

  11. ImNotAKaren

    Relaxation down to your body and start all over again. A quick restart and you back again on job.

  12. sharonwonduers

    Gotta love the citrus taste of berries whenever I take a dose of this disposables ! Didnt think much of this when i gave this a try. Now a must have on my next purchase!

  13. scottthings

    Very good disposable
    Very good pod dosidos! more of a day time use but it can also be good for night time.

  14. datdawgg

    Never dissappointed
    Never used to like any kind of wax pen or disposable til byfavorites came thru. Glook y’all

  15. bettyboop

    Accurate as it is. A really must try. I will go for another purchase of this.

  16. kooploopman

    Amazing stuff! the bomb man! No wonder they call it a premium! Can’t wait for my next purchase

  17. bubbameister

    I like it
    Hits very well right between the eyes

  18. eljj

    great tazte like gsc and smth else would recommend if u want a cheap weed flavor instead of over priced cdt

  19. keonnporto

    think this disposable is amazing. Amazing blend. Definitely more of a sativa dominant hybrid though. Be sure to expect mass euphoria and relaxation. The body high is also very calming if you ease into it.

  20. drolan

    Great flavor and with this strain’s genetics, you get a great experience

  21. claudia

    Awesome product
    💯💯💯💯it was exactly wat the discription said so


    S/O to High Season in Adelanto

  23. weedreviewjudge

    Heavy good for relaxing

  24. Ozer

    Made the change, and I am loving this new experience that byfavorites brought. Loving the selections and the potency

  25. ramaregonnawin

    it smacks
    earthy bomb

  26. highlife

    Damn good disposable fsho
    I honestly am on a byfavorites phase for sure every new flavors I try is just fire it’s the perfect high for me and love the distilles they use quality and love em

  27. shazel

    Nice wake and bake strain!!
    I really enjoyed getting up and wakening baking to this strain and gave me just the right out mount of go that I needed as well as relaxation. very good!

  28. trailerparkjesus

    Perfect for binge watching
    I enjoy this one for nights after work where I want to watch some tv, play video games, listen to music, read…. super relaxing 😌 and stoney 🔥👏🏻

  29. grs

    Game changer!
    This is the one that converted me over. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on carts trying to find the best one! You guys are the best out there! Thanks so much.

  30. fortheloveofhybrids

    This sativa is absolutely perfect. Love & recommend to all

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