• Delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

All orders carry delivery charges. This a dynamic charge which will vary depending on the quantity you are ordering and your geographical location.

  • How long will delivery take?

The time frame for delivery will depend on when the order was placed and the geographical location to where we’ll be delivering the products. It can take from 3-5 days if the order is being shipped within United States and 5-8 days for international customers.

  • What exactly happens after ordering?

After ordering, please be patient to hear from our customer service to direct you on how to make payment for your order. You can always contact our live support for assistance as well.

  • How will my order be packaged?

We understand that most people require discretion. So, we use generic prepaid envelopes or a plain white box to package your items. We then vacuum-seal and bubble wrap the contents for maximum discretion, protection and to seal in the freshness. There is nothing written on the outside of the envelope that would advertise what you are taking  no nosy neighbours would know it is anything other then a regular package from the post office.

You’ll be provide a tracking number so you can track your order.

  • How long does delivery take after my order has shipped?

Once your order has shipped, it will take up to *3 business days to receive your order

* Please note that, delays may happen that is far beyond our control that will delay your delivery

When tracking your package, please look out for the status “Item out for Delivery”, as this will indicate the package has left the sorting facility and is on the way to

  • How long until my order is shipped?

Place your order before 9 AM PST and we will ship your order same day!

* Please be advised, the payment must be processed by our team in order to move it into the processing state for shipment the same day

The interact system can take up to 3 hours to direct your payment to the provided email address. Make sure to pay early to ensure that your payment is processed .
Post operates Monday to Saturday , so we do not ship packages out on the Sunday . Feel free to make an order and pay as we will still be processing orders through the weekend.

  • How can I track my order?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a your tracking number.
Please expect 24 business hours before receiving your tracking details.

Our Products

  • What kind of hardware does Byfavorites use?

We use industry-leading CCELL hardware. Produced with FDA-approved high-quality materials under extremely rigorous safety control, CCELL products have obtained safety certificates from authoritative quality systems, such as FDA, RoHs, FCC, CE, and UL. You can read more about CCELL and its products at

  • Do you use any harmful pesticides?

No,  our first priority is providing the cleanest and safest products and that’s why we never use conventional pesticides. We practice an organic integrated pest management (IPM) plan which is a system that incorporates cultural practices, mechanical practices, biological controls, and organic biochemical applications that allows us to keep the plant health as high as possible

  • Does Byfavorites test for heavy metals/lead?

Yes, we believe in transparency and quality, which is why our products are held to the highest internal standards and undergo rigorous testing at multiple levels before reaching you. All of the hardware utilizes advanced technology and reliable components to create products that all pass safety tests including heavy metals.

  • How does Byfavorites have so many strains?

We have an extensive seed library and an ongoing breeding program that helps fuel the variety of flavors and strains that are planted and harvested each year. We have invested heavily in the science of cannabis which has allowed us to focus on showcasing the unique aroma profiles expressed in the Cannabis plant.

General Questions

  • Who is Byfavorites ?

Gold Coast Clear was founded in one of the world’s premier agricultural regions, California County. Our team consists of multi-generational farmers, nerdy scientists, and heady enthusiasts all devoted to organic farming and clean products. We merge our expertise in breeding, cultivation, and manufacturing to produce single-source cannabis products for everyone.

  • Does Byfavorites use any additives or fillers?

We do not use any additives in our products, ever. We believe in 100% cannabis, always.

  • How can I avoid counterfeit products?

To ensure you are getting legitimate products we recommend only purchasing from licensed dispensaries in California. Be cautious of scam websites that sell counterfeit products. Our only websites. If you are unsure if you are on a legitimate website please reach out to customer support at  and we would be more than happy to verify for you.

Getting Started

  • How do I set up my cartridge?

Our 510 threaded cartridge is compatible with any 510 threaded battery. Before using your cartridge make sure your battery is fully charged for optimal performance. First, begin by removing the rubber coverings from the top and bottom of your cartridge and lightly tighten the cartridge to the battery. Be sure not to over-tighten which can cause the atomizer to be pushed down and hinder connection to the atomizer (metal connection plate)If you are using a standard pull battery. The heating element will activate upon inhale.Dosage is dependent on the length of inhalation. Start with a small puff and wait 2-5 minutes to gauge the effects. Effects will vary between individuals. The recommended dosage is dependent on individual tolerance.

  • How should I store my Favorites  products?

Vapes should be kept at room temperature and away from extreme heat or cold. You should always remember to: – Keep your cartridge upright. which can help prevent issues with clogging and leaking. – Detach the cartridge from the battery when not in use. which can prevent unintentional heating. -Do not excessively use. Allow for the heating element to cool down. Be sure to never leave your vape cartridge in a hot car or places with extreme heat which can lead to leaking or defects with the cartridge or battery. Be sure to never leave your vape cartridge in a cold environment which can cause clogging and difficulty vaping.

  • What is the recommended voltage for Byfavorites cartridges?

Higher voltages provide a heavier, intense draw. Begin with the lowest voltage to find desired results. Variable Voltage lights indication.


  • What should I do if I receive a damaged or wrong product?

Please contact our live support for assistance or reach us through our email address for further assistance.

  • Can I change or cancel my order?

You can cancel your order if it hasn’t shipped yet. If order has been shipped, sorry you can’t cancel it.

  • What happens if I don’t receive my package?

If you don’t receive your package within 72 hours after the expected arrival date, please don’t hesitate to contact us

We will not be held liable lost orders due to:

mistakes by the postal office
wrong address/unit # given by customer
sized at postal facility
stolen packages after delivery

  • Where is my tracking number?

You can find your tracking number within the email that is sent to you after completing your order.

If you’re unable to find your tracking number, please contact support



  • Why is my cartridge not vaporizing?

If your cartridge is not vaporizing it may be due to poor battery connection. The atomizer (metal connection plate) is designed to move up and down to accommodate different cartridges with different depths. Loss of contact can happen when the cartridge is over-tightened causing the connection plate to be pushed down too far leading to a loss of connection. For further assistance please reach out to